EdgeWater Dental Clinic Sarnia

Our team of professional dentists strive to deliver quality care to each and every patient. We are compassionate, empathetic, and always make your appointment as comfortable as possible. Edgewater Dental and Dentists Sarnia Ontario 1 Always accepting new patients 2 Diplomas & Certificates For families & busy professionals - Dr. Priyank Shetty D.D.S Dentist 3
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This Office is Safe:
Please note, there has been NO EXPOSURE to the Covid-19 virus at our office. We maintain the highest level of protection measures to ensure the safety of our patients and staff. We always put your safety first and have invested in state of the art air filtration, hospital grade PPE measures, isolated treatment areas and limit the number of people in the office to ensure the highest standards of social distancing and sanitation. We have your safety well in hand and work tirelessly every day to ensure our office remains a safe space for you to receive your dental care needs.